Winner of Nordic Fringe Network Award

at Brighton Fringe 2017

A Teatro Pomodoro production


The show

In a small community, not too far from the city centre, there live a group of social rejects sent away from our cities and our societies to live hidden from us. These creatures live outside our social constructs, on the edge of all things decent and nice.
Once in a while we allow these abominations to enter our cities to perform and entertain us.

Expect laughs, expect gasps, and expect the unexpected, come along and let devilry, illusion and mischief seize your heart and soul at the Cabaret From The Shadows!

The show is a production of Teatro Pomodoro, an international collective of artists based in Liverpool, from Italy, Spain, Canada, Japan and one Scouser.

Carmen Arquelladas, Duncan Cameron, Leebo Luby, Miwa Nagai, Simone Tani
With developmental work by Peta Lily
Set Design: Victoria Saville
Costume Design: Carmen Arquelladas

BFALogo Cabaret From The Shadows won the Nordic Fringe Network Award at Brighton Fringe 2017.


It’s time to step out of our cage and bring music, joy, mischief and dark humour around U.K. and beyond.

Following a successful run at Brighton Fringe, where we’ve been awarded the Nordic Fringe Network Award, Cabaret From The Shadows will be touring this spring and summer.

Dates include:

May 17th Brighton Fringe

May 18th Brighton Fringe

June 30th Wirral Festival of Firsts

July 21st Refract:18 Waterside Arts in Trafford


The Company

Cabaret From The Shadows is a Teatro Pomodoro production. 5 actors from Canada, Italy, Japan, Spain and UK. We all met at Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris and we then moved to UK setting up the company in Liverpool, where we are proud and happy to be part of an excitingly creative theatre community. For more information about the company or our other productions and workshops please visit